it’s 2014 why do boys still think girls like the smell of axe

idk bout u but i love the smell of an axe in my hands. smells like wood polish and cold iron. smells like power and fear. 


Or maybe boys wear axe for themselves and don’t need to do things for women’s approval.



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A List of “Men’s Rights” Issues That Feminism Is Already Working On

Feminists do not want you to lose custody of your children. The assumption that women are naturally better caregivers is part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not like commercials in which bumbling dads mess up the laundry and competent wives have to bustle in and fix it. The assumption that women are naturally better housekeepers is part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not want you to have to make alimony payments. Alimony is set up to combat the fact that women have been historically expected to prioritize domestic duties over professional goals, thus minimizing their earning potential if their “traditional” marriages end. The assumption that wives should make babies instead of money is part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not want anyone to get raped in prison. Permissiveness and jokes about prison rape are part of rape culture, which is part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not want anyone to be falsely accused of rape. False rape accusations discredit rape victims, which reinforces rape culture, which is part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not want you to be lonely and we do not hate “nice guys.” The idea that certain people are inherently more valuable than other people because of superficial physical attributes is part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not want you to have to pay for dinner. We want the opportunity to achieve financial success on par with men in any field we choose (and are qualified for), and the fact that we currently don’t is part of patriarchy. The idea that men should coddle and provide for women, and/or purchase their affections in romantic contexts, is condescending and damaging and part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not want you to be maimed or killed in industrial accidents, or toil in coal mines while we do cushy secretarial work and various yarn-themed activities. The fact that women have long been shut out of dangerous industrial jobs (by men, by the way) is part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not want you to commit suicide. Any pressures and expectations that lower the quality of life of any gender are part of patriarchy. The fact that depression is characterized as an effeminate weakness, making men less likely to seek treatment, is part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not want you to be viewed with suspicion when you take your child to the park (men frequently insist that this is a serious issue, so I will take them at their word). The assumption that men are insatiable sexual animals, combined with the idea that it’s unnatural for men to care for children, is part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not want you to be drafted and then die in a war while we stay home and iron stuff. The idea that women are too weak to fight or too delicate to function in a military setting is part of patriarchy.

Feminists do not want women to escape prosecution on legitimate domestic violence charges, nor do we want men to be ridiculed for being raped or abused. The idea that women are naturally gentle and compliant and that victimhood is inherently feminine is part of patriarchy.

Feminists hate patriarchy. We do not hate you.

If you really care about those issues as passionately as you say you do, you should be thanking feminists, because feminism is a social movement actively dedicated to dismantling every single one of them. The fact that you blame feminists—your allies—for problems against which they have been struggling for decades suggests that supporting men isn’t nearly as important to you as resenting women. We care about your problems a lot. Could you try caring about ours?

Excerpt from If I Admit That Hating Men is a Thing, Will You Stop Turning it Into a Self-fulfilling Prophecy?, by Lindy West  (via lilac-time)

fucking THANK YOU

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this is a BIG thing that men don’t get about feminism and patriarchy. 

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I’ve reblogged this before but it bears repeating

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Everyone. Please read this. Please just stop what you’re doing, and please read this. This is so critical, so important. Please read. 

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Instead of saying “We’re working on that” why not prove it with some actual sources?

Read this before just accepting anything that says “feminism is good” without any actual proof:

Father’s rights group want shared parenting (equal custody) to be the default if both parents want custody and neither parent is unfit. They feel that men should not be punished for being men, and that women should not be awarded custody to their kids simply for being women. Currently women are awarded primary custody almost all the time, even if the husband was the stay-at-home Dad and the woman was the breadwinner.

Feminists fought against this. You can read NOW’s own statement here. Also note their usage of anti-male lies, i.e. “fathers are abusive, don’t give them custody.” That is from 1997, but still remains valid today.

Men want protection against false rape allegations. They feel that a man’s life should not be ruined simply on the allegation of a woman who may be a vindictive liar. Currently, a woman can accuse a man of rape for no reason, and the man’s name is splashed in the paper and his life is ruined. So, they fought for laws granting men anonymity until charged with the crime of rape—not convicted, just charged.

Feminists fought against this, causing it to fail. Also see here, the London Feminist Network campaigning to defeat the proposal.

“The London Feminist Network is a campaigning organisation uniting London based feminist groups and individuals in activism.”

Men want an end to the justice system favouring women simply because they are women, and giving men harsher sentences simply because they are men.

Feminists fought against this, arguing that no woman should be sent to jail, even women who had murdered multiple people.

Men want equal treatment when victims of domestic violence, and to not be arrested for the crime of “being male” under primary aggressor policies.

Feminists fought against this by trying to suppress evidence showing that half of domestic violence is done by women, by threatening the researchers with bomb threats, death threats, etc. Modern, younger feminists are doing it as well.

And sadly, they were successful in this effort of propaganda. For decades, and continuing today, violent men are (rightfully) convicted and punished by the state, while violent women are left to freely terrorize and harm their partners.

The feminist definition of domestic violence has skewed arrest and prosecution philosophies, resulting primarily in having only male batterers criminally pursued.

Men want female rapists to be arrested, charged, and convicted with rape. In Western countries, women are rarely punished when raping men, due to the biased legal system. In some countries, women cannot be punished when raping men, since rape is defined as a male-perpetrated crime.

Feminists fought against this in India, arguing that “there is a physicality [in] rape” and that it would make things “more complicated for judges.”

Feminists fought against this in Israel, claiming that changing the law would result in men filing false rape claims.

Men don’t want to be thrown in jail because they lost their jobs and temporarily cannot pay child support.

Feminists fought against this, trying to lower the amount to $5000 before a man is guilty of a felony for not paying child support. If a man loses a decent-paying job, he will now be a felon, go to jail, lose his right to vote, AND be unable to find future jobs—if he cannot regain an equal-paying job within a few months.

If there is a patriarchy, feminists are the ones helping to uphold it with their constant portrayal of women as weak in the West and their constant barring of progress for true equality.

Also, it’s interesting that you all are blaming patriarchy for all these problems when, as proven, feminists have contributed to making them worse.

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Not to mention the way feminists go out of their way to maintain gender roles for men.

Men crying are pathetic and are to be mocked.  Male tears!

Men showing emotional in general = lol male tears.

Men enjoying entertainment for women? Ugh!  Appropriation of women’s cultures!  Probably only watching it to sexualise it.  Death to all Bronies.  Make sure no nasty men watch Sailor Moon.

Men wearing women’s clothing?  Ugh!  Drag is a mockery of women on par with blackface!  Gay black men like Ru Paul have no idea what it’s like to be oppressed.   

Not to mention the way feminists demonise gay men, with mainstream feminist being extremely homophobic towards gay men.

"Are all gay men secret misogynists?" "When gay men are a problem" 

We can’t have safe spaces without women inviting themselves in, and getting nasty when they aren’t treated like Carrie Bradshaw.  We wanna have one night a week without straight women treating one of the few places we can be without fear as a pet shop or a zoo or free peep show or strip joint and then screaming homophobic slurs when they aren’t indulged? We want bachlorette parties to stop flaunting the fact that they can get married and many of us can’t?  Feminists scream about gay male privilege and misogyny and declare it a breach of their human rights. 

Feminists catfish gay men on grindr for an art project? Feminist praise them.  Apparently straight women deserve to have grindr as a playground for their sexual amusement.

You know what, I could go on and on, but I’ll put it bluntly: as a gay men I am disgusted the way me and other homosexual men are treated by feminists: they demand to be our political Carrie Bradshaws and demonise us when we don’t squirm under their thumbs or be their winged monkeys.  They fetishise us as mouthpieces for their movements and their yaoi fantasies.  THey shamelessly hijack our problems and make them about straight women.  They police our sexualities adn our culture, and demand that our way of life caters for their amusement, pleasure and convenience, and they stab us in the back on a regular basis and then tell us that they our best allies.

If anyone else was treating gay men the way feminism treats us on a regular basis there would be outrage.  But the power plus privilege argument always goes out the window when feminists want to shit on minority men.

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being trans isnt a choice? yo this post is fucking disgusting rofl


being trans isnt a choice? yo this post is fucking disgusting rofl

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This is the Best/Worst Adventure Time GIF Ever
You can’t not tell me this gif wasn’t a collaboration between Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro, no matter what the source link says.




This is the Best/Worst Adventure Time GIF Ever

You can’t not tell me this gif wasn’t a collaboration between Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro, no matter what the source link says.




Literally the best bromance to ever bromance

"maybe one day he’ll love me that much" -turk’s wife

My favorite show ever <3



This is perfect.

I’m so glad he’s guarding our galaxy

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Iron Gym works, folks.

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this fucked me up

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